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Ms. Steele is a passionate marketing strategist who enjoys bringing professionals together to see how we can help each other and to share best practices in their respective industry. Marie hosts annual matched-networking conferences all over the country for professionals in fire service, transportation, parks/recreation, trucking, public works and waste haulers, & more. In 2018, she started a 501(c)3 to promote nutrition and wellness initiatives. In her spare time she enjoys seeing live music, consulting with small businesses, developing her database coding skills and volunteering with a small not for profit that creates food gardens in all over Phoenix. Marie resides in Tempe, Arizona. She received a BAS in Psychology from Loyola University Chicago and recently received certification in Human Computer Interaction from MIT.

Vice President,


Mr. Miller is a highly accomplished executive whose blend of political, legal and business
experience has allowed him to effectively drive public policy.  At the state and local level, Lee has transformed bureaucratic processes into 21st century efficiencies that deliver public value and optimize the intersection of public and private sector regulations for maximum success. Lee is uniquely qualified to manage a team of professionals in the private or non-profit space to proactively drive disruptive change and results.  

Executive Director /


Mr. Pullen is the Founder and President of WageWatch Inc., a Scottsdale-based software technology and Internet ASP with a national and Fortune 500 customer base. He also serves as a Managing Director of Oasis Partners, LLC. Oasis focuses on executive office and board room issues including project acquisition, development, divestiture and capital formation for complex real estate transactions. During his professional career, Mr. Pullen has had CEO and COO responsibility for startup companies and turnaround situations. He serves or has served as an advisor and board member of numerous technology companies. As a financial consultant and board member of eProperty Tax, Inc., he engineered its sale to Thompson Publishing.  Mr. Pullen earned a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics and an MBA from Arizona State University. Mr. Pullen is a CPA in Arizona and California and a real estate broker in Arizona. Mr. Pullen is an Audit Committee Financial Expert under the provisions of Sarbanes Oxley Section 401 H of Regulation S-K.  



Growing up in Nebraska in a farming/ranching area, George has had a love for planting and cultivating since childhood and has experience with Kentucky’s Hemp Pilot program on personal farm. George is an avid gardener and an advocate for rainwater to cistern catchment water use. He has collaborated with experts in NIH based studies, innovation programs and FDA submissions and has a love for inventing and science. He looks forward to moving the use of hemp derived products forward by bringing together experts in the Sciences for information sharing. His work includes: Co-Founder/CEO of “Skunkworks Hemp” – growing ultra-organic boutique hemp for CBD’s/G’s/Terpenes with off-grid energy and water saving techniques. Inventor of Neuromodulation Device Company working with top migraine/brain injury experts in world on advisory team. He has multiple worldwide Device and Method Patents both granted and in process in cutting edge treatment of Neurologic/Brain Disorders using non-invasive drug free techniques. Inventor of N2B ( Nose to Brain) device delivery system entered into FDA “Opioid Innovation Challenge” for novel and innovative Nalaxone/chemical delivery system also designed for CBD/CBG delivery refined for precise dosing and future human studies. 

Director of Science, Research Studies


Ms. Karasek excels at aligning socially driven projects, people and capital for development and place-making. Professionally and community-connected, she is a natural collaborator, passionate about the relationship between a better built environment and the people who inhabit it.  With her roots in landscape architecture and ecological design, she deeply understands the role of natural systems and the built environment.  As an entrepreneur and pragmatist she is focused on built projects and production models.  ”I believe that building social capital is key to most endeavors. My broad network and diverse colleagues allow me to  build on long-term relationships and find natural alignments.  I understand that economic development and community development go together. ” She holds a BSFS from Georgetown University in Development Economics, and an MLA from the University of Pennsylvania.

Director of Supply Chain R&D


With roots in New Mexico and Minnesota, Mr. Dicker was educated at the University of Minnesota and brings an extremely unique and passionate eye to everything he is involved with. Jonah gained interest in the hemp industry as a result of his career in plant nurseries and landscaping construction. Along with his affinity for all things horticultural his breadth of knowledge extends to design with an emphasis on sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Director of Sustainability


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