Meet the Board of Directors



 Gigi Rock is the Director/President of the Arizona HIA.  She is also the founder and producer  of Red Rock Hemp Festival; and the Arizona Hemp Coalition LLC in Sedona. She has been a long time proponent of hemp and for personal reasons stepped away in 2019.  However, after 2020 pandemic and taking a year off, she is back to bring life back into the organization.  "My goal is to keep the people connected with updated laws, the ins and outs, and connecting growers, processors, buyers to each other.  I will be rebuilding the Board of Directors and teams to keep us moving forward."


Director of Science, Research Studies

Growing up in Nebraska in a farming/ranching area, George has had a love for planting and cultivating since childhood and has experience with Kentucky’s Hemp Pilot program on personal farm. George is an avid gardener and an advocate for rainwater to cistern catchment water use. He has collaborated with experts in NIH based studies, innovation programs and FDA submissions and has a love for inventing and science. He looks forward to moving the use of hemp derived products forward by bringing together experts in the Sciences for information sharing. His work includes: Co-Founder/CEO of “Skunkworks Hemp” – growing ultra-organic boutique hemp for CBD’s/G’s/Terpenes with off-grid energy and water saving techniques. Inventor of Neuromodulation Device Company working with top migraine/brain injury experts in world on advisory team. He has multiple worldwide Device and Method Patents both granted and in process in cutting edge treatment of Neurologic/Brain Disorders using non-invasive drug free techniques. Inventor of N2B ( Nose to Brain) device delivery system entered into FDA “Opioid Innovation Challenge” for novel and innovative Nalaxone/chemical delivery system also designed for CBD/CBG delivery refined for precise dosing and future human studies.